About Killer 8-Track

Killer 8-Track is a part of The Oglio Entertainment Group family of business. Our 19 years of music business experience has taken us to many unexpected places and we have sold music and comedy in many different formats. When Oglio was founded in 1992, CDs were the dominant format, Cassettes were still a significant part of the marketplace, vinyl LPs were fading fast and 8-Track tapes were only found in remote truck stops.

In 2011 music is now downloaded and streamed to compact devices leaving touring musicians and bands with a challenge of what to sell at their live shows to fans looking for a music souvenir. T-shirts are nice, CDs seem so 1990s and downloads have no “fun” factor. USB thumb drives are gaining acceptance for their flexibility and their reusability. The Killer 8-Track USB takes this idea to a new level.

We hope you enjoy this unique device and share it with your friends!

Killer 8-Track
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