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Check out these shots of the Killer 8-Track!

Killer 8-Track USB Long CordHere is a shot of the Killer 8-Track USB drive with the cord partially extended. When the cord is fully extended it reaches about 7 inches to make it convenient for connecting to your computer USB port.





Killer 8-Track USB PalmdaleThis is a good example of a traditional looking label from the band “Palmdale”. This particular 8-Track is loaded up with 2 EPs, the PDF booklets that go with each EP, some fun photos and the music videos shot to promote the EPs. With 4GB available, there is plenty of room to be creative with audio, pictures and video.
Killer 8-Track USB Cable Tucked




This is a close up view of the 8-Track with the USB cord tucked in for storage. The cable fits snugly in the end. Notice the attention to detail in the reproduction of the 8-Track styling.



Killer 8-Track USB Kiss and PalmdaleHere is a side by side comparison of our new, modern Killer 8-Track and the classic KISS 8-Track from the 1970s. The cases are virtually identical and we went to great lengths to replicate the feel of the good old classic 8-Track.